4"x 5.65" Classic Soft Filters (1/8, 1/4, 1/2,)

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If large amounts of over-exposure exist in a scene, like a blown window, Classic Soft filters add a stylish glow that keeps the scene’s contrast under control, while adding a romantic look. 

The Secret of In-focus Diffusion

Hundreds of Micro-Lenslets arrayed within each Schneider-Kreuznach Classic Soft filter provide a precisely controlled soft image that is overlaid on a sharp, in-focus image. The number of Micro-Lenslets per square inch determines the image-blending effectiveness of each Classic Soft filter. This combination diffuses the fine details in the image while maintaining overall sharp focus. 

  • Subtle softening filter
  • Diminish small wrinkles and blemishes
  • Maintain in-focus look (Schneider In-focus Diffusion)
  • Can add a soft glow to the highlights
  • Designed for 2/3“ or larger sensors or film cameras


Sandwiched between two pieces of optical glass are hundreds of precision Micro-Lenslets. During use, image light that passes through each Micro-Lenslet is only slightly refracted, while light passing between Micro-Lenslets is unaffected.



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