PIX 240 Video Recorder

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PIX 240i is a highly advanced video recorder which can record digital video signals from SDI or HDMI sources to an internal 2.5” drive or CompactFlash (CF) card. This recorder can also record very high quality audio simultaneously with the video to industry standard QuickTime (.mov) files. QuickTime files can be edited with all major video editing programs.

The PIX recorders compress the incoming video signals using the popular Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD codecs at up to 12 bit, 4:4:4 sampling. Both codecs offer excellent video quality in a “ready to edit” file, not requiring transcoding while importing video.

The PIX 240i features both SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs. The PIX 240i offers a full built-in Ambient® Lockit Timecode Generator/Reader, AES/ EBU audio inputs, and provisions to connect to an external, stand-alone eSATA hard drive.

Main Features

  • Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD codec at multiple data rates
  • Quicktime file type
  • 10-bit input video resolution
  • Ultra low-noise (-128 dBu) mic preamps with phantom, limiters, line input (based on 7-Series recorders)
  • CompactFlash or removable 2.5-inch solid-state drive file storage with media spanning, UDF format for Mac OS and Windows compatibility
  • High-accuracy built-in time code generator, with genlock and word clock output
  • 5-inch, matte finish, 800x480 pixel display
  • Large, illuminated, tactile buttons for fast and simple menu control
  • Up/Down/Cross Conversion of 480i, 525i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
  • 336-core, 32-bit massively parallel processor with 1.2 TeraOps for efficient video encoding
  • 10-18 VDC
  • Metalized, molded carbon fiber chassis