UMC-4 Unit

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The Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 controls focus, iris and zoom on any camera and provides vital lens data and tilt-and-roll information for set and VFX postproduction. 

  • 3 Axis Lens Control: The Universal Motor Controller UMC-4 is an advanced 3-axis motor controller. Up to three different hand units can connect to the UMC-4 at the same time, controlling focus, iris and zoom on any camera. 
  • Lens Data: The UMC-4 incorporates the LDS Lens Data Archive and generates frame-accurate lens data with any lens. Lens data is used for lens mapping to pre-marked focus rings and depth-of-field display on the WCU-4 hand unit.
  • Timecode: The UMC-4 supports internal and external timecode that is recorded with frame-accurate lens data onto SD card, making the lens data usable for postproduction. The internal timecode clock can be jam-synced from external devices, but can output LTC timecode as well.
  • Multiple Interfaces: The UMC-4 includes multiple interfaces for maximum flexibility on set. Two serial interfaces connect peripheral equipment such as ARRI’s UDM-1 distance measure or motion control systems.